Saturday, February 6, 2010

Every day, it's a gettin ....faster?

...Going faster than a roller coaster . . .

Not closer.

Not Love.

But life is SOOOOOOOOO  busy. So fast.

I have been running since 8 something this Saturday morning.  Will has too. Between Scouts, Church Leaque Basketball, a soup party (cooking a dessert for said party) and work, the day has been packed.

In the middle of all this I receive a call from a client.  This client has me preparing Zone Diet meals for her and several friends. Each meal is packaged individually. So there is an individual package for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. Two more friends joined this past week. 

This has been great. But not. Because it has been handled spur of moment, I have not met individually with all of them yet. So there needs to be some tweaking. This has been a learning process all along.

Not a problem.

What gets me though, is three of these friends I have spoken to directly. Face to face. Have opened conversation for feedback.  But no. They in turn do not tell me what I need to know, but tell the other client.

So today, Saturday, in the midst of 1,199.5 things to do, I receive a call because the person did not tell me he did not want turkey bacon anymore (even though seven days ago he said I could prepare a specific dish for him 3 or 4 times last  week - I only did 2!) but told the other lady that now he does not like turkey bacon. Or mushrooms.

The solution?

A meeting Monday evening. Yes! I will meet with each one, have them fill out a form, and will prepare an order form for them to fill out weekly. To be emailed - they have to step into the 21st century.

But oh the anxiety this has induced in the middle of a hectic day.  I have to get all this typed and printed and ready before Monday morning because I prepare these "packets" all day Monday. 

So, why am I adding a post to my list? Because this has been so THERAPEUTIC. I am sure this all made little sense, but thank you for reading. I have been working on a post that will elaborate on this new direction my job has taken. I hope to have it up next week....

Until then, I am accepting calming thoughts and wishes :)



faye said...

Take a moment or two for yourself... just breathe in - breathe out.......
it works..

Of course I will send good thoughts, vibes and wishes for things to slow down and you to have time to catch up.

The Muse said...

hope to see you at I have some art of mine there on todays post
at I have some lovely flowers with poetry....
Those should be during your FREE time, lol, which sounds as if you have very little..

i too know the harried nature of life and yes, you must slow yourself...pace your wants with your needs.

i pray your days run smoothly!!!

Jan said...

Oh those times .. isn't it the truth! wow...

we all have to just take things inch by inch thats a cinch.. yard by yard that is hard :)

We all understand, but you live so beautifully always.. hope all is well with you!


Food o' del Mundo said...

KUDOS for the business! Sorry for the stress it brings and BUGGER to the clients that are such babies and can't talk to you directly so you have to waste even more time meeting with them face to face to molly coddle them. Get tough Lailani! ~Mary

Merrie said...

You are such a wise woman! You handled it with so much love and grace! Sounds like a wonderful business venture ... are you the new Jenny? I love the idea...
Blessings and may your week be better!

vchelle said...

The most beautiful and quiet place is within you. I have no calming thoughts to share but only peaceful understandings. You are born into peace. You are peace. You are calmness and you are such a sweet spirit and it's ok to share your thoughts. Thank God we can!