Thursday, February 11, 2010

1"-4" of white decoration . . .

Snow. That is what they are saying.

I am so excited!!

Someone said to me the other day not to get to excited, because when it did not happen I would be disappointed.  That made me think back over the past 20 years of winter in the South.  No, I don't get disappointed when the prediction falls short or too far away.

I realized tonight, there is something in the excitement of the anticipation that is satisfying in itself. There has been a buzz around town. The announcing of the closing of schools - just in case.  The banter between the optimist and the pessimist (or perhaps realist - we will see).

I am glad they close schools - first, how many bus drivers (let alone myself - not in a bus) are actually safe drivers in snow, should we blessed with a little? Second, how often do we get to see the white fluffy stuff? And how often does it stay on the ground more than 4 hours? 

So it should be a local holiday. Take time and enjoy the change of pace, smell the flowers. Well, actually, catch a flake on our tongue or just sit by the window and watch the floating flakes fall...

Ahhh, yes, this is exciting enough I might not be able to sleep tonight!


Anonymous said...

Just a hint - if you live in TN, flush ice cubes - you'll get snow!

I hope you got that hot chocolate stocked up, a towel or rug for the floor by the door - oh, a pot of soup, too.

A camera charged up so you can take a load of pink-cheeked pictures!

I'm so excited for you: LOL Believe in a Snowrific Tomorrow:)

The Muse said...

if it DOESN'T happen...i would be happy to ship you some of mine...LOL

Friar Tuck said...

sounds like an adventure

Gayle said...

The anticipation is part of the fun! Did you get the snow?! I hope so!