Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkins Galore

Fall is in the air, which also means, around here, frundraisers for the youth choir trips begin.

And we have a new one this year.
Last Sunday a truck arrived with a 400 pumpkin order. Somehow that changed to 750 pumpkins. Yes, that is alot, or at least according to Will, The Man and Demolition D (I bailed on the pumpkin unloading party).

The pumpkin patch is in front of our Church, a perfect spot for the busy road in front of it. This patch is manned by volunteers, so yesterday I joined a few others and had a great afternoon. It was a great way to get to know these parents - I knew them, but more by way of a passing hello and who their children were. One couple, like me, is in the process of figuring out the next step on their journey. Unlike me, they (along with many others) were encouraged to take an early retriment option a local factory was offering/pushing. So now we get to volunteer at the Church's Pumpkin Patch -and I am not complaining. It is great to be a part of some activities that I have not been able to participate with in the past.

But back to the pumpkins ...

Pumpkins in the South rot fast! We were excited about the cool weather earlier in the week, a chance for pumpkins to last longer, and maybe more sales.

But alas, that did not remain to be the case. It warmed. Pumpkins started rotting. What to do? Well, the chief volunteer got creative


Late yesterday afternoon. A car pulled in and parked. Out stepped a mom with her young son. I would guess about 5 to 6. He ran around picking out pumpkins, chatting with us there. As the mom spoke to the other volunteer, she mentioned she had been married at our church. The fella volunteer told her he and his wife had there wedding there, in the chapel, too. The little boy looked at him, then at his mom and said, "how could he get married, he doesn't have a husband?"

It was too cute. Then as he bounced around from one section of pumpkins to the next, he stopped to check out the pumpkin art above. He looked at it a second, then asked, "how'd it grown that way?"

That little one made our afternoon!

p.s. my pictures are small and not great because I have a new toy. A new phone after three years and this one has a camera (not a top of line phone - so only 1.3 mp). Not great pics, but I had fun playing with it.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wow!!! Those are great photos with a phone, Lailani!!!! I'm really impressed...I've taken photos with my phone...over a year ago...and still haven't figured out how to download them into my computer...LOL. That little guy was really a delight!!! Thanks for telling this story, and making me smile...big, big smiles today!!! Love you!!! Janine XO

TJ said...

Cute story. Thanks.

FancyHorse said...

I like your pictures - they show the color and the joy! I especially like the pumpkin snowman! He's cute - but not as cute as that little boy!

Gayle said...

That's too cute! Your pumpkin pictures are great!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Very cute!! And I agree with Janine - great phone photos! I like how the sun is shining on the pumpkins in the background of the second photo. enJOY your day!!

Maggie May said...

The pumpkin pictures are great and I wonder how you even start to go about getting a phone picture onto your blog. But then I am not the least bit technically minded!

Nuts in May

Aleta said...

What fun and Woah what an order for pumpkins! You're right - in the South those pumpkins won't last long. We don't have any pumpkin patches in New Orleans. Too hot and humid... Loved the pictures!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with your new toy! Great pictures!! I have always found that if you want to make friends, especially friends who have children your children's age, volunteer in their activities. You meet the greatest people and have the opportunity to really develop supportive friendships!

Debbie said...

Those are great photos. Lots of the churches around here sold pumpkins too. I think it's a great idea.

Finding Pam said...

Lovely story about your pumpkin patch. I hope they all sell soon.