Thursday, October 15, 2009

For The Pickin'

Last night, at church, a grown, left the nest member, visited to share with us a recent adventure of hers.

It was an adventure, but more of a mission to serve.It touched her heart. Touched her life.

This member had become intriqued with Tom's Shoes. If you are not familiar with the company, check out their blog here. The short of it is, for every pair of shoes sold, a pair is given to a third world country.

Our presenter went through a rigorous process to be one of 12 picked for a recent shoe drop in Argentina. Out of 3000 applicants, she was awarded the opportunity. The opportunity to sleep in tents with bugs, work through mud, have her heart broken at the level of poverty that she did not know existed still.

Her plans are to apply for the next drop that will be in Africa. Then, eventually, one in India.

As she shared photos of the poverty, the slums, the lack of everything we take for granted, some of her pictures reminded me of another mission: Habitat for Humanity.

Our Church participates in builds every year in October. This Saturday they will begin three homes. I am excited that this year I might be able to actually make it to join in in some small part of the build.

Then this morning, the Today Show featured Jimmy Carter and his book on the program. This reminded me of a wonderful video tribute someone I know made about the founder of Habitat for Humanity.

And so, I wanted to share it with you . . .

There are so many wonderful ways to give and to serve. Check out your area and see if there is a build soon. Maybe buy a pair of shoes. Or work a soup kitchen... there are many opportunities in our communities, all for our pickin' . . .



Gayle said...

Oh, lailani, that is so touching. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Maggie May said...

Thanks for sharing that.
I found both the videos very touching. Such selflessness in the last one and in the first, the shoes that change young lives. This will be an ongoing thing as shoes will always be needed.
Well done for bringing these needs to the forefront and I always look out for local charities that I can support.

Susie said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. It's so inspiring:-)

Aleta said...

This was absolutely beautiful and how true. People need each other and we need to support one another. Greg and I do volunteer work at Second Harvest. We don't see the actual people who get the food, but we move cans and boxes of food to get them ready to be shipped out. One year I want to work in the kitchen and serve people.

Cheffie-Mom said...

This is wonderful -- so inspiring. Thank you and enJOY your weekend!!

dot said...

Amazing about the shoes!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What an inspiring group!!!I'm thrilled to hear about this organization!! And of course, Habitat for Humanity is terrific!! Thanks so much for this post!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! ~Janine XO

Finding Pam said...

These are two very fine organazations. If only more people cared about the needs of others so passionately.

Our church participates twice a year in building houses. I truely believe in giving back to our community for we are so richly blessed from the work.

Wonderful post and I enjoyed reading it.

I once saw a picture of some homemade shoes from a 2 liter plastic bottle. They had cut the bottle in half and the opening to the bottle was where the toes went and the children had tied string together to hold the half bottle on their shoes. How can we not give back to those in need?

As a former director of a food pantry, I want to say thank you to Aleta for volunteering at Second Harvest. It is wonderful to volunteer with the homeless and to feed the hungry. They have so little, but are so greatful.