Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool Breeze

We have had roller coaster temps lately – but it has been nice.

Sunday evening our low was around 38, very unusual for this early in the fall/winter season, but oh it felt so good to snuggle up into the covers. Unfortunately, we are back to highs in the mid 89’s and lows in the upper 60’s. The shorts are back on.

The sudden cool down spurred the need to pull out boxes from the top of the closet and swap summer clothes for warmer ones.

I am always excited to see what I forgot I had – it is as good as shopping (almost)! And then when you find the real comfy warm fuzzy wuzzies? Well that is the best.

So out came the slippers my hubby shakes his head at.

And one thing I DID forget about these tootsie warmers . . .

…How Francie likes to attack my feet when they are snuggly parked in them. Now, attack might be strong, but as I was minding my own business, she suddenly pounced and was in dog heaven gnawing on them.

Glad she likes them as much as I do.


On another note, I realize I have an addiction. I think I knew it before, but have decided to admit it.

I am addicted to the internet. Online banking, Blogger, Email, Researching, News Headlines, etc. If I am home and cannot access it – I go through withdrawls. So, after extremely limited spots of internet connection yesterday, I spent one and a half hours with Mediacom this morning to find out it MIGHT be the router (and a different company to call) and still no internet. Thankfully Will came home and took the router out of the equation so I could have access again! Yes!


Heidi said...

I love these slippers. It is rainy and cold here,too. This is the third reference to roller coasters I've read on the blogs in the last 3 clicks! Funny.

I'm addicted to the internet, also. Very sad.

Jane In The Jungle said...

I LOVE thoses slippers!!!

Anonymous said...

soul sisters? LOL i have the same slippers, & i'm also afflicted with that internet addiction. [blush]

have a great weekend! -Tracie

Gayle said...

Those slippers are great! They look so warm and cozy. That is funny that Francie attacks them!