Monday, July 6, 2009

International Traveling

. . . without a passport.

I have missed playing Memory Monday, but that just means my post is a more current memory – that is easy to do when life keeps this pace.

I have noticed, if you look hard, there are more things to see or do in our own backyard than we might realize. Now, it might mean doing some twisting. It might even mean cheesing it up a little.

In June I cheesed it up for a day trip. International traveling without a passport, if you will. The experience offered its own light in the road experience.

Back during April, when all the severe weather hit, I noticed interesting names of communities in our area. There are some that I knew – for example Cairo, Georgia and Havana, Florida. But I noticed a few others too, and that is when I decided for the day trip.

So we set off on the journey. The first stop: Damascus, Georgia.

Yes, I had us get out and take a picture. As we jumped into place, Will and I are being silly, the boy are less than excited.

As I said, it was a light in the road experience. Demolition D, driving for this adventure, was not only not really open to the idea, let alone getting out to take a picture, he down right threw a fit! So after some words were exchanged, the light clicked that he better enjoy, it was not all about him, and I realized we might get to our final destination a little faster than expected.

Back in the van and South we headed. After Damascus, we headed to good ol’ Amsterdam. Turns out this community is not even un-incorporated. Whew, D was relieved – no picture taking.

We skipped out on the side jags to Cuba and Scotland. I do believe if there was no sign at these spots too, we might have had an elevated level of frustration.

Next, Havana, Florida.

I originally had planned to stop in this tiny town. I have never been there before, but have heard of great trips to this spot. It is known for its antique shops, which I figured would not go over well with the three amigos. So we drove right on through. I think it will be a trip I would like to make with Will in the Fall – as a window shopping trip, not international travel.

Havana was a hub for the cigar industry – until cigar production moved to Central America. The town practically dried up as folks moved away to find jobs. But the town remains and had a come back – with antiques. A town with a population not even hitting 2,000, they have 30-40 antique shops.

As I was reading about this tucked away spot, I read this and wanted to share: “One reason for the success - and the camaraderie of Havana merchants - is that rather than trying to work against one another, they work together.”

With the economic woes that globally abound at this time, isn’t that quite a statement? Doesn’t that show how those actions have proven successful? Working together …great concept.

So back to the trip; As I said we did not stop there, but I did have a guy friendly stop planned. It was not in a town with an internationally famous name.

Naw, just Tallahassee, Florida. When we arrived at the final destination, smiles returned to Demolition D’s face and The Man became excited. What better way to make up for cheesy attempts of memories than an Antique Car Museum.

And yes, I guess you could say there was still some cheese with this pink Cadillac all rigged up with lights and speakers – but this cheese was perfect.

(texting pictures of cars . . . technology and antiques meet)

There were batmobiles too . . .

Boats and boat motors . . .

And even the Little Rascals foot powered toy car . . .

Now this following picture, maybe some of you can clear up my memory on this one. I thought I took a picture of the information, but I cannot find it. Drumrolllllll . . . .

This is the original Studebaker(???) used and wrecked in the movie "Tucker" (???). Inside you can see where the explosives were set up to explode and flip the car. Now, I do not remember this movie, and I do not remember this scene. But the boys enjoyed seeing how the car was tweaked to make the stunt great!

In the end, the trip was memorable and it was fun. The boys thanked us for a great day and what is better than that!

Monday Memories is hosted by Gayle at Planet M Files (today she is remember Cape Cod).

. . . Elvis has left the building . . . .


Puna said...

Hi Lailani! I just love your name. Great post, you son looks like he's enjoying himself and it looks like a place that my own son would love!

skoots1mom said...

fun places...
love the pics from the museum

every trip has to have an elvis :)

Finding Pam said...

Lailani, it looks like y'all had a wonderful trip. Great photos!

Gayle said...

What a great trip and that was so creative of you to think of it! I think that was great that you finished up with something the boys would like. (I can't help out with info on that car.)

Thank you for joining Monday Memories!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

FancyHorse said...

Ha, ha - what a great idea! I guess there are a lot of such communities all over our country!

Your younger gentlemen look much happier in the later photos!

Jane In The Jungle said...

My boys would be ga-ga over that museum!!

And you sure do know how to make a Ga. girl homesick...just sayin'!