Thursday, November 3, 2011


I forgot to mention in the last post, in addition to the butterflys, there were Eagle nest in several spots.

While I watched as much for an eagle as I did the squirrel, we were either late or still too early for the migration. But the picture above, in the distance, in the top of the tree in the center, no leaves but there sat the nest.
Have you ever wondered about signs? That one above caught my eye. Not that I have not seen Handicap Parking signs EVERYWHERE! But it was the fine that caught my attention. $138.50? I asked the park ranger about how the fee was determined. Naturally, he did not know, since it was decided by others. But really, $138.50? Why not $140? or better yet, just make it an easy $150...
If you look closely you can see the ripples on the water. The wind was amazing! You could walk 100 feet from the water and there was virtually no wind at all. The sun was quite warm and shorts and tanks were needed. But walk near the water? A jacket was needed to help keep warm. At one point, on the river this one runs into, it was whitecapping to the point, it looked like a mini ocean.

(dates are all wrong, not sure what my son's camera is set on)

The area was just right for several kinds of fishing. The gentleman above was a volunteer from Alabama,  volunteering 30 hours a year to this particular park. He was resetting the crab trap, he had caught over 20 at that point. I am sure a great dinner was had by all the volunteers when he fed them.

The area, if you are skillful enough, was an inland spot for catching shrimp too. Will and The Man tried this, I think, but no luck. But to take a trip with a teenager and see smiles? That is worth a ship full of shrimp!

Now the grin here? Well see those two shirts in the background? Well, one he wore the day we left. The other was the only other shirt he packed! Luckily as he search his backpack, he had not thoroughly cleaned it out and found this wonderful camo outfit (Ha!). Annnnd, he learned how to wash his shirts by hand! Who says we weren't roughing it...some.

After fishing from the kayak and The Man casting the net from the dock, the final catch was:
1 Eel (catch and release plan ;))
3 catfish
3 mullett

Time to grub. Well, actually time to clean fish first!

If you are looking for a spot to camp in the Panhandle area, this one was great! Now, I am not sure I would want to take this on between May and August, but fall, winter and spring should be just right!

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