Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheaha State Park - Day 2

What I thought would be posted in a matter of a few days turned into weeks. A quick trip that sure has taken awhile to post about!  The first post is here...

This was our first camping trip with the Land Yacht where we had running water and electricity. The other trips we have taken were affectionately called “boondocking.” We took our own water, went when the temps were comfortable and ran the rig off the battery it houses.

Luckily as we emerged from our air conditioned pod, the morning was much more comfortable than the previous evening. We enjoyed a slow beginning. A late breakfast. A few friendly fellow campers short stop/visits. As Will was grilling, one passerby stopped to talk. As he was talking he noticed something on the grill. We had a visitor: A black widow spider. SPLAT!

We loaded up furry and headed to one of the hiking trails that would take us to one of several waterfalls.

Turns out humans are not the only ones that can get out of shape. Francie did great on her first hiking trip. Well, once she quit trying to drag us along. And then once we got past practically dragging her once she was tired...

We had prepared ourselves for a chance of no water falling. We were not sure if this part of Alabama had been in the same type of drought conditions home was.

You know, a mile and a half on a trail sure does not feel the same as a mile and half in the neighborhood...
A mile and half in we found the falls.And the water was running low.

Hot and a little disappointed at the lack of a beautiful, cold, clean pool of water, we hopped around on the rocks some.

Found one snake (harmless) and one artifact.

And found out that, if hot enough, our bath hating water hating dog, can appreciate it. She stepped into an area with water and laid down right in the middle of it.

Next up:  Devil's Falls


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