Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Squid Sneezes

Sometimes, in the middle of a routine activity, something fresh and new can be seen. That is what we experienced on Spring Break. A routine, quick trip to the beach opened up to a new activity none of us had ever given thought to.

Do you eat Calamari?

I do sometimes. The Man was on a calamari kick for a little bit.

When tired of the boys asking “what’s for dinner” after a long day, I sometimes answer with a silly answer of squid fingers.

Have you ever thought about how squid lands on your plate as calamari.

Me? Not really, except I know it would have involved deep waters and HUGE monster squid and dark music playing in the background.

On this trip, while on a quick run to the store and a few minutes of fishing for Flounder at the marina, my sister in law, and the kids in tow (The Man included) were taught something by the locals.

The squid were spawning!

They aren't so big after all:
Turns out a nifty lure, a quick flick of the wrist and a bucket to hold ones catch and one can have fresh Calamari. Oh, and the ability to pull the little squids away from boats before they ink everything in sight.

A squid’s natural defense is to spray a black inky substance when he thinks he is in danger. In the water, it really clouds things up.
But they do not know they are in trouble until they attack the lure and are quickly yanked up and out of the water. So their reflexes sometimes have them inking out of the water.

As they were collected in the bucket, they kept make a noise, one that grew more frequent as the number of bucketed squid grew. They still believed they were in danger, so the continued to attempt to ink the area, and the sound that made sounded much like the sound of little ones sneezing.

Squid Sneezes . . .


FancyHorse said...

What an interesting adventure!
No, I've never been tempted to try squid, but my son has - when he was in high school. I think he still eats it upon occasion.

Blue Cotton Memory said...

I love calamari! My boys would love calamari fishing! How fun - sneezing sounds, though - didn't that turn on the maternal instinct and make you want to take care of them? LOL

Maggie May said...

Now I do love Calamari but....... I like it battered & cooked on a plate like your photo!
Those real squid are a bit off putting when you see them like that with their eyes staring at you and little tentacles hanging limp.!
I'm a bit like a child who thinks that fish come in little sticks, coated in breadcrumbs, taken from the freezer! Nothing at all to do with the sea!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Debbie said...

This is so cool to me! Actually, I have never even eaten calamari. I do like seafood so I don't know why.