Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roman Raspberry Sorbetto

Eases disappointment...

I can finally update you about the job interview.

I did not get it...

I am thankful for the income I have and who knows what awaits, or maybe this is what I am to be doing now. I am thankful for the call to end the wait, annoyed at the dream I had last night that was me not getting the job...do you ever have those dreams? The ones that come true? This dream left that feeling...

So tomorrow I continue on this path, prepare food for one of my favorite customers (I love her kitchen, and her gadgets and the company of her and those in her home)... and the menu is

Pesto Stuffed Chicken

Cordon Bleu Chicken Bake

Stuffed French Bread

Pesto Chicken Ravioli


Tomato Pie


Jules~ said...

I am sorry you didn't get the job. That is really good of you to set your thoughts and emotions beyond the moment and find things to be grateful about. Your example is a reminder for me to not spiral in the moment and let my emotions rule my choices. Thank you.

The menu sounds yummy!
And your previous post about figs...figs seem to be a dying comodity (sp) from when I was young. At least up north they are hard to find. My dad commented to me one day that he would love to have a good jar of fig jam like when he was a boy. I didn't have the time to find figs and make a batch for him but I did end up spending a few days trying to find a store that carried it.

Blessings to you!

blatherfrombrooklyn said...

Sorry the interview didn't work out for you. This is a very difficult time to get a job. There is such a large pool of talented people available, employers can be as unreasonably particular as they wish.

As for the menu, I can't help wondering ... tomato pie for dessert?

Where I grew up, tomato pie is the traditional name for pizza. Surely, you aren't serving pizza for dessert ... are you?

Blather From Brooklyn

Gayle said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get the job. I'm hoping that the right thing comes along soon.

That menus sounds yummy!