Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Art of Ignoring

I have always envied those moms who could have loud, crazy youngins around and not seem to notice or be disturbed by the rambunctious antics.

I have never been successful at that skill...but I just realized, three days before school starts, before my yountgest enters high school, they have been runnin' amoc as the heat of the season and the boredom of summer has set in. Ramble rousing around my feet, behind my back, in front of me. Loud and roudy...

I am, for the most part, disengaged. I have been ignoring them.


Oh, now they are reading over my shoulder! I love my boys!!!!


Gayle said...

Okay, now will you teach me the art of ignoring? Because I am not good at it! Wow, they go back to school in three days?! Enjoy!

Finding Pam said...

I used to be able to tune our boys out. They graduated, left home and it was just my husband and myself.

My grandchildren live away and we might see them twice a year. After they leave my nerves are just shot and I am worn out through and through, but I wouldn't change any of it. I guess I am tring to say enjoy them before they all grow up and leave home.

Anonymous said...

too funny! my teen is in the 'hold up in my room' phase of this hot summer!
in response to your comment on my hobby room post...
my oldest son just moved back home! i did however put him in the guest room.. instead of giving up my hobby room.. this time! this will be my 3rd attempt at putting one together! just as i finished a space in our place in ohio.. our daughter had moved back home briefly. so i understand your frustration! though, i don't envy the smell of incense! the smell of boy.. i get that, times two! :)