Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The next journey begins

I started this post several week ago when we were counting down to a departure. Traveler applied for a job in Philadelphia and received it. She had become a short timer that had overstayed her welcome. Well, at least under the circumstances with the differences of ideas. Many days over the last year I have had to remind myself that this too shall pass. Thankfully, we sometimes do not know how long until the passing or we might give up the fight sooner.

The past year has been full of days that were like picking a goody from a box of chocolates. But most of the chocolates were not that tasty. I would like to say I would not buy this box again. But I would. I know there has been much learned.

I now know there is more meaning than one to the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know that familiarity breeds contempt. I know that I am still immature in many ways, I still want to be liked. I have this idea of right and wrong and thought everyone had the same idea. They do not. Will has, for a year, had both children living in the same house as him. While things were not as we had hoped, we got a clearer glimpse into the lives and what home life is to them. This gave me an eyes wide open experience and questions about my two as they go through their own teen years and one day enter that time of being a young adult.

After a year of trudging along, the box of chocolates has been emptied. What will the next box hold?

I know, much to Traveler’s discomfort, wisdom has been shared, grace has been shown, and one day it will come together and she will begin pulling wonderful, tasty chocolates from her own box.

But first, reality and responsibility will pull a few punches. We helped her move, moving and finding a room to rent all in a few days time span. We have returned home and she has begun her next phase in the midst of a world of strangers, obligations and chance to see life from a different perspective. She might learn that her step-mom’s quirks are not that unique to her. Other people will probably like some level of cleanliness, their items returned and the opportunity to share their life too.

She is learning quickly. Money leaves your hands fast in a big city. New jobs do not necessarily pay weekly, let alone daily  (as waitressing did) and maybe, just maybe, dad’s right about budgeting and savings!

I think we may be grabbing at some chocolate truffles!


Gayle said...

It's so true that as we teach our children, we are learning about ourselves, too. I hope this new stage of life is good for Traveler and for you.

Ballerina Girl said...

Great post...good luck to traveler. We have all been in that shock and awe stage once we are on our own!
I hope there is an ever lasting box of chocolates...because we all could use the sweet and not so sweet sometimes!


Jane's Art said...

Oh man...what lessons she will learn!!

FancyHorse said...

Ah, to be young with your whole life before you! I hope she will make good choices..

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I love your chocolate box analogy...and the way you carried it through this post...it really helped me get my brain around all of this! What an amazing year you've had...so many changes...And what big lessons Traveler will learn! So much ahead! You are a wonderful mom! And your perspective is an inspiration to me! Loved this post! So, so glad you are posting regularly again! I truly missed you!!! Love, Janine XO