Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eagle Project Done!

Well, sorta.

The work is done!

Let's make that the MANUAL LABOR work is complete. We still have to finalize paperwork, write thank you notes and The Man then goes through an interview about the project, about scouts, about his thoughts.

THEN... he gets pinned Eagle Scout.

But right now, the biggest hurdle is complete.

15 boys
10 boards for a jig
8 paint brushes
7 bags of concrete
6 cans of paint
2 blowers
1 auger/tractor
and LUNCH!

The Man stepped up to the plate and led this group of fellas in painting handicap spaces at Chehaw Park Zoo.  They were long overdue. In fact, we originally thought we would have this project complete this time last year. But this project required a little more research, a few more hoops to jump, phone calls to make and more conflicts in calendars than had been first anticipated.

Besides the zoo, the park also has a campground. We loaded up Friday night, all the supplies, the camper and two scouts and camped for the evening.

The scouts and hubs were able to set up and were ready as the first scouts arrived.

Safety meeting and directions being given . . .

One of the older Scouts waiting to get busy...

First hole dug, getting ready to set the first post . . .

 Troop 15 serving the community. Good job guys!

Time to eat. Time to go.  They all did a great job, serving their community on a Saturday morning.  As the scouts worked and painted, visitors were in and out. I noticed several groups that had need of the closer spots, proving these 7 parking spots were in great need of identification. To quote the park representative, they are now obnoxiously apparent. 


Finding Pam said...

What a fantastic project for the boys.

Hilary said...

A great project for the guys and well documented by you.

Aleta said...

Wow. I'm impressed. How wonderful for the boys to do something helpful to the community. Love it! I hope our son is able to get involved in productive community activities when he gets older! Wonderful!

Maggie May said...

Now that was all very worthwhile.
We need more of it wherever we live.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Greg C said...

I love it, great job guys.