Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memory Nudgers

I started today with my simple spider and web head piece and stockings with glued on roaches (I had on regular clothes too, I promise) and headed to work. My decorations were subtle, but those that noticed smiled and seemed to just enjoy the playfulness of the day. Only a few of decorated ourselves for this 31st day of October.

I took a few minutes to check out a favorite site, and a recent post touched on a memory.

Picture from
Tootsie Rolls!!!

These are homemade, you can check it out at TheKitchn...

My Grandfather's birthday was October 31st. I remember tootsie rolls being among one of his favorite candies (and butterscotch).  I still have a tootsie roll cardboard bank that he gave me when I was a child.

Halloween was always spent trick or treating the neighborhood, followed by a quick treck to my grandparent's house at the end of the evening - just a mere four blocks away.

My brother and I would always go to the door, ring the bell and get to giggling at the thoughts of "tricking" my grandpa, by him not knowing it was us.  I am sure he always knew, and I am pretty sure we were always the last. And we always received the count - many times in the 100 visitor area. Our neighborhood was rocked with door to door candy beggers.

We would visit for just a bit, after collecting our candy. Then headed home, many times in the first flurries of the first snow for the season.

Tonight, as we prepared our plates at Wednesday night supper (in the South, many churches still have Wednesday night supper followed by a quick presentation), they had a dessert table set up. Ice Cream and toppings. I usually skip on the ice cream, but just could not as I noticed the caramel topping.

Another memory nudged of my Grandfather. Really, of my Grandparents - Grandma did the fixing, but I truly believe that Grandpa set the structure: ALWAYS vanilla ice cream and ALWAYS caramel topping.

So today, an easy day to remember to remember, had some subtle memories nudged beyond that of costumes and tricks and treats.

It was a good day and the vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup hit the spot!

My brother and myself, probably 1978ish...

My Grandfather, many years earlier, on a vacation to Texas

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Chatty Crone said...

Just got finished and shut the door to trick or treaters. Those candies looked good - but boy I ate too much candy myself! sandie