Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Journey...continued

Funny how life can be hoppin’ at times and it is GREAT when life is hoppin’ with the good stuff, rather than troubles.
After I had posted the Journey post, I received a call from a friend. The church had some stacks of extra  bibles and she was picking them up for A Place For Hope.  Unable to find a custodian to help her with the bulk of the piles, she came across Demolition D (I think he is going to like this college schedule with long breaks between classes).
As he helped my friend move the Bibles to her car they chit chatted away. Somehow the story of the tablet came up and he shared the story with her. When he finished the tale, she said she asked him, “Is it like really overwhelming to receive that kind of gift?” She said his answer was, “that is not what overwhelms me, what overwhelms is realizing how much God loves me.”  With that, she said they both parted ways both with tears in their eyes.
He  is seeing, he is absorbing.

On another note, Hubs received a call from Ocho. He moved almost two years ago, but did not have a place for his desk/hutch. He had forgotten about it until he was picking up some other items recently.
Well, he signed up for classes at the local college! He was calling to ask if he could get the desk soon (I have used it to collect STUFF – a.k.a. the catchall; so it needed the “stuff” moved first). Way excited to move my stuff and help get his desk moved to his now abode.   Maybe the last couple years have just been a rest, now it’s time to take a new step, maybe discover a new direction.

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