Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thematic Photography 202: Series ~ TS Debby

This week's thematic challenege was not a challenge this time.
I have a tendancy to snap a many pictures in a row.

We finally found a weekend to visit the beach.
We knew Debby was churning way out in the Gulf, but all weather reports
didn't have her showing any signs of arriving until the afternoon we were
to come home.

We arrived on Friday.

On Saturday, her feeder bands started showing up.

After four attempts of sitting and reading on the shore,
I gave up!

But we still had a great time!

 Sunday's bands of rain brought heavy winds.
(Not one correct weather report was found on this one.
She kept 'em guessing!) 

Where we stay, has a yard full of pine trees. Watching them sway was amazing.
Jumping each time a limb broke and landed on the roof, was a little nerve wracking.
Transformers popped, but not the one we needed. So thankful.

  We rode to the next town over to get out and see the rest of the bay.
Our beach spot is Mexico Beach, which is at the mouth of
St. Joe Bay.

The water was practically flat.

But as we drove through the rain and calm waters of the bay, we passed the
road that leads to the point dividing the bay and the gulf.

Within in quarter mile the calm turned into these pictures.

 I have always been curious about being at the beach when a tropical storm came in.

And I had my chance that weekend.

It was amazing.

As I loaded the bird photos, I came across a second series of that day.

I have to share, the waves were amazing:

Click on them to see a larger view, the sea mist is pretty cool

TS Debby was quite a character to meet!

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Max Sartin said...

I really like this series, the waves and the birds are awesome. Man, I miss the ocean.

21 Wits said...

Oh my, those waves just might roll into my office! Very cool photos!

FancyHorse said...

Amazing photos! You're right, Debby was absolutely unpredictable, first they thought it was going to Louisiana and Texas, then it surprised everyone and headed east!

Gilly said...

Those are great wave shots! Love the series - and I miss the sea too!

Bob Scotney said...

Great wave formations. If you click to enlarge and then move quickly from shot to shot you get the sensation pf being there to watch the waves build up and roll in.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I miss the ocean, too.

Thanks for sharing, lailani

Alexia said...

Amazing shots - a great series! I love storm photos; the power is obvious in these waves even though the storm's not at full strength.
Thanks for sharing these, lailani.