Friday, June 22, 2012

Thematic Photo 200: Beachy Abstract

Playing along with Carmi's theme: Abstract

Check out the post and join in the fun here!

Sometimes I think I am to concrete and I make things harder than
they need to be. Sorta like this theme. But as other's inspired
me, I realized I might have a quite a few pictures in
the files that might meet the bill.

But I am feeling beachy, so I left out all the river shots, of strange shadows
and goofy holes in trees and sticking with a few different shots
from a few beach trips.

Sparkler fun! You would think there was a bonfire in the middle of all this,
but no, just 3 or 4 kids with sparklers on the beach.

And the jelly fish came from the sky . . .

Shadows of squid fishers...really, they were fishing for squid in the marina.

Not sure why this caught my eye, but this feather, at Easter, sticking
up out of the sand, just seemed somewhat out of place.

Wishing you all an out of the box weekend!


Max Sartin said...

The shadows on the boat is a great picture, and I have to admit I thought that first one was a bonfire, until I read it was only a few kids with sparklers. Nice pictures!

Bob Scotney said...

Max has pickedthe two that impressed me as well. Good choices.

Karen S. said...

Amazing non- bonfire! Great captures you have selected for us. At first I wasn't really looking too excited with this theme, not always my fave photos, but with photos like yours I really appreciate and like abstract photos!

Aleta said...

These are great pictures! Very inspirational!