Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Weeks Shy 102

Teacups lining a shelf
“Playing” the piano together
Looking at pictures, in the end table drawer, time and time again
Winding up the music box
Threading rose petals from the garden, making leis to wear
Picking grapes
Picking apples
Rhubarb growing in the back garden
That scent of spring was year round
The house coat for the house
The set of the jaw when disapproving
Homemade pickles in the fruit room
Scent of moth balls in the coat closet
Afghans and dish rags the product of love and busy hands
The chime of the grandfather clock; tick tocks of the cook coo clock
Furniture not sat on, except special occasions
The “oh” when she didn’t want you to know that she actually knew
A mom and a grandmother making a Barbie Christmas wish come true
Caramel apples in the fall
Vanilla ice cream and only vanilla, year round
Silence as we started on a new journey
Butterscotch candies
Kleenex always readily available
Yearly visits and the hunt for cheap yarn
Drawers of nighties and slips and socks, accumulations of thought and gifts over the years
Billy Carter tourist trap every year
Granny shots by grandma in the back yard
A life lived, the good, the bad, the ugly…
Ideas never reconciled, hurts never conveyed, hates that created taboo subjects and wrong choices, love woven in and mis-read, mistakes made and not forgotten, wonderful memories winding through that that is life, that that is living 1910-2012...

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Finding Pam said...

Beautiful memories of a grandmother. I wish you had photos of each memory to share.