Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ochlockonee River State Park: A Quick Fall Trip

I can't believe November is here, knocking at the door!

And I can't believe how busy and all the quick trips that we have accomplished...

One of the latest? Fall break and a camping and kayaking and resting  all rolled up into one neatly packaged trip. Fewer hiccups in this camping trip than the one in June. Yay!

This time, it was a two car trip. The Man driving me and one kayak in the van. Will following with our Tin Can and the Kayak.  I wasn't quick enough to click some of the more intersting sites on the road, but a gas station stop did let me check out this very PINK car. I just don't think I could ride around in a Barbie Doll pink car, even when I absolutely adored Barbies ...

Ochlockonee River State Park was a new site for us. We have headed North for years now, but for this trip we headed South. South of Tallahasee to check this campground out. 

We set up the tin the can and started unloading. This time, we tried something new - without a screen on the the front window, it makes a great portal for placing one of the kayaks (I do believe both would fit).

In reading about the area, I learned that just a bit futher south , is a site called Bald Pointe State Park. In the fall that  area finds itself the stopping ground for Bald Eagles and Butterflies. While we did not make it to that park, I did find butterflies in abundance where we were stopped.

But this park too, had its drawing points, nicely sitting between two rivers, salt water rivers, which rose and fell with the tide (the Gulf of Mexico but a  few mile away),

it is also home to white squirrels. They are not albino squirrels, but truly white squirrels

So I found myself watching right off the bat for these pale rodents.

and he was spotted!

I love the "short" twisted trees. Twist created by wind and natures elements.


... Purples and


He had an itch!

Kayaking: Wind plus Kayaks = Quite a workout.


I suppose that is all for now... I do have more to share, but I will save that for another day!

In the meantime . . .


Guess he wanted a bath...notice the soap ;)



Hilary said...

What a wonderful collection of photos. All beauties.. but that white squirrel sure is an eye-catcher. And come to think of it, so is the Barbie-pink car. ;)

cherry said...

What a beautiful place and the white squirrel is adorable... My nieces would have a fit over the pink Thanks for stopping by..
Happy Halloween..