Friday, April 8, 2011

And The Beat Goes On . . .

Oh I found the most wonderful blog challenge today. Here are the details:

"And the new challenge is this: Say something nice to and about your partner every day for 30 days. Praise her, encourage him, spotlight her best traits, tell us your favorite things about him. In order for your participation to count, you need to

a) Make your proclamation 100% positive, no BUTS, HOWEVERS, or ON THE OTHER HANDS

b) You can’t ask for anything in return

c) You must make him or her aware of it each day

d) You also have to make sure you make at least one additional person aware of it each day

e) You will need to link up. Click here, to link up or see the other options for participation and all the other sites participating.

Now I found this today, the 9th of April, so I am starting 9 days behind but let’s see what kind of cathing up I can do. I think just list form should do the trick:

Day 1 – He loves me. That sounds so simple but, I KNOW he loves me. I don’t doubt it, so that means he is showing me in many ways. Thus life is good!

Day 2 – My husband knows how to iron and does a much better job than I do.

Day 3 – I loved how he chose to go to every school function (that he could) for his kids. Showing his support for them by sometimes sacrificing time for that instead of something else.

Day 4 - When we first met, it was at church, and he thought I was one of the youth, maybe home for break and thought nothing else of me introducing myself. The next week he saw me with my friend, who he knew, and realized that I was older, and that I might be the person someone had said they wanted him to meet. He approached, made second introductions and went our way while interest stirred. The third encounter, resulted in an invitation for a date.

Day 5 – A few weeks ago, while making our way to the front of the church for communion, his cell phone rang. Louldy. My immediate result was to take two steps away and disassociate myself from the ringing gadget, which was attached to him. You know, he was not offended in the least – he forgave me what could be considered a little bit of betrayal :)

Day 6 – Hubs, traditionally, thinks dogs should be outside pets. I am the opposite. So when we added to our household our four legged furry friend, she started as an outside dog. I loved how hubs did not negatively react when he would come in and find her visiting me inside. And then when she tore her ACL, she instantly became an inside dog without any hesitation and has thus remained.

Day7 – I love that he wears button up shirts and has no reservation to don a tie.

Day 8 – I love how he still wants to sit by me on the couch and watch TV

Day 9 - He ironed shirts while I watched Extreme Couponing, when he and The Man would really have rather of been watching something on History or Discovery.

And for good measure. . . .

Day 10 – As we were going to the beach recently, finding a decent radio station was difficult. We finally found a tolerable one. The Man was with us and we continued chatting while songs were playing. As one song began – he hushed The Man because “you gotta be quite, your mom likes his voice.” Yes, he knows I like George Straits voice and does not hold it against me or get jealous of it – just lets me enjoy!

I did it! I did it! Actually, he did it….



Maggie May said...

Thats all really positive and lovely.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Yeah for awesome men! Mine irons better than me, too! LOL