Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Golly Miss Molly

It was a cold, blustery January night, when out of the dark arose a sound.

Hark, is that bells in distance?

Upon closer inspection the noise became more distinct. Bells…maybe?

Not bells, but …. Southern Belles?? Yes!

A group of Southern Belles had gathered and commenced to argue the merits of the southern hospitality that had been shown a certain new fella in their midst.

He had swooped in, and had been welcomed, despite the reservations of a few. He was offered a mug of hot chocolate, a pot or two of soup and grandma’s hand stitched quilts were pulled from storage. Folks set in to make his temporary stay pleasant.

But as time went on, well, easiest to quote one Georgia Peach, “I do declare, he has but over stayed his welcome.”

And from the heavens the cries were heard and lo and behold the weatherman brought the good news… the visitor was leaving.

Jack Frost got the boot and normal temps are soon to return to south Georgia.

Goodbye awkward, sad layers!

Hello warm toes!

Allllll Smiles!!!!


Finding Pam said...

Lalani, oh how I love this post. Your story told in a heavy thick souther accent is just marvelous.

Good ol Jack Frost, time to go and stay away for a while.

Hilary said...

Oh very clever and endearing. I hope you're warm and toasty by now.

Anonymous said...

My mom always said, Guests and Fish smell after 3 days. While I adore snow, 3 days here, 3 days there, with nice gaps inbetween, snow kind of wears out its welcome. Love your post! Southern humor is always so heart-warming clever that it's hard to find the insult:) LOL

Gaston Studio said...

Very clever and so well done.

Congrats on POTW from Hilary, from a fellow Georgian.

Friko said...

Ha, it's not even very bad in South Georgia, as far as I have been told by my blogging buddies.

Come and share some of my miserable English winter, then you can talk!

Very amusing post, well deserved the POTW.

Suldog said...

Very good! Like the way you kept the suspense up concerning who the fellow might be. Congrats on your POTW listing!