Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feel Good Fall

... Ahhhhh


Finding Pam said...

Those are lovely pictures. Nothing like a change in the weather to make me feel better. Of course our weather goes from hot to cold and so forth.

I am geting ready for the holidays and I must say that I am enjoying it a lot.

Jane's In The Jungle said...

We were just looking yesterday at how much the leaves have changed here....and then a monsoon blew thru in the afternoon.....so yep, now they're gone!

Gayle said...

Lovely shots!

Jules~ said...

I love your comforting pictures of autumn. I could just about smell the spice of leaves in the breeze.

Thank you most for your encouraging note that you left for me. I know this is a season. It is good to be reminded though that it is ok to go slow and that others can relate.

God bless your day today.

Hilary said...

Oh it looks like you're still well into the fall season there. It's long bedraggled here. Lovely photos.

Erin said...

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Maggie May said...

Lovely field flowers. I love the shot of the field in picture four and that last one is beautiful too.
Thats just about all of them!!!!!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

kasthurirajam said...

Wonderful shots

Anonymous said...

(did you know there was a pop up on your blog?)just wanted to mention in case you did not know :)

we have lost all our color in the landscape. i suppose i am caught between dreaming of fall and spring.. lol

poor winter, she must feel unloved at times :)

i really like your last shot...the sun piercing thru the leaves :)


Ann On and On... said...

Green grass....not something I will see again for a long time. Thanks for sharing. :D