Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Negotiator Strikes Again

I think I need to change The Man's blog nickname.

After the discussion regarding the knife and scouts, today we have a new creative offering.

The Man has wanted to dress as the grim reaper for a couple years now. I have always tried to turn the kids to less dark characters. But then again, I suppose Werewolves are rather dark and we had fun with that....

Anyway, I returned today from running errands and was met at the door by The Man.

After having hinted at the grim reaper several times over the past week, he searched while I was gone and found a large piece of black fabric of mine (how did he do that when he can't find his cell phone??).

He says it will take sewing, but he has come up with an idea....

The grim reaper on vacation!!

He would add a camera and vacation attire to the black cape.

Very creative again.

But once he saw I had a black cape we compromised and he is happily going to be the headless horseman.

Maybe "The Negotiator" would be a better blog nickname...



Gayle said...

Negotiating is a good trait to have!

Jules~ said...

I am starting to wonder the same thing about his blogger name. Too funny. Well like I said before he is a very creative young man. And you know, this just came to my mind and I don't know if this will mean anything to you or not shows such respect and joy in his heart that he was happy with the alternate costume suggestion. Those traits only come about when youth are surrounded by love and acceptance. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Have a blessed and wonderful day today.